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Since the Internet started it’s public debut in the mid 90's, many design engineers working in the CAD industry talked about how fantastic the new media could serve us, to find the next job, and companies to search for appropriate new staff.... a new idea was born, CATIA net., was one of the world’s first Internet job networks for CATIA CAD designers and engineers founded in 1998 by Claus Winzer, a German automotive design engineer with the vision to bring CATIA designers, engineers and employers closer together. Claus was born and raised in the city of Sindelfingen near Stuttgart, working internationally and living in Australia since 1990. has been established for designers, engineers and employers in the CAD industry by making it easier for candidates to find the best and most appropriate contract or permanent CATIA job position, likewise for employers to find the most adequate and suitable CATIA staff for their needs.

“Designers drive the wheels of mankind’s technical evolution
and are the heroes of today’s civilisation”
Claus Winzer, Founder of Job-Network Services is providing international job network services to the CAD design community free of charge and without commercial interests, the web site delivers serious and valuable job-network services, information and every day tools for everyone in the design industry. Our intention is to bring employers and candidates closer to the table ensuring a better understanding of each other’s requirements.

Bearing in mind the hard and bad times many businesses and design engineers experienced during the last 2 years, and eventually the loss of long lasting friendships and business relationships, we now want to start with fresh spirit and motivation to look into a better future.

Since our economy is recovering, we believe the time has come to plan and to introduce tools and guidelines that may help to reduce the exploitation and bad experiences from the past. Please return from time to time to read our "news" and "info" segment. Contact us with your ideas and comments because is your site and part of a better future for everyone.

Companies and designers are always welcome to support and sponsor In return our voluntary team can spend more time and effort to improve our services and to assist everyone in need. If you would like to support or for more information about a sponsorship, please contact us.

Job-listings for candidates and employers are free of charge and we are pleased to post them on our white board. We are not collecting CV's nor do we store data for longer than required unless you ask us to do so. For more details on job postings just follow the links. Please, forward this information to your friends, colleagues and employer.

Thanks for your support,
Kind regards, Claus.

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This service is not affiliated with or sanctioned by Dassault Systemes or IBM.
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